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  Online GPD Mod [Tested & Working][Working Dvar's]

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PostSubject: Online GPD Mod [Tested & Working][Working Dvar's]   Sat May 21, 2011 3:43 pm

How to get GPD's working online again!


This tutorial is in steps...

1) Get a USB Memory Stick.
2) Plug it into your Xbox 360 Console.
3) Go to the Dashboard > System Settings>Memory > HDD > Gamer Profiles > Your Profile > Click A > Move To your USB Memory Unit.
4) Open Modio
5) Click the M > USB EXPLORER > Open your USB > Content > Your profile which should start with E0000 > Open it > Double Click FFFE07D1 > THEN OPEN 00010000 > Then right click on your profile and extract it to your desktop.
6) Make a folder called "Back Up Profile"
7) Drap & Drop your account into modio and a resigner box will come up.
8 ) Click file contents
9) Find a Call Of Duty .gpd
41560855 - Black Ops GPD
415607E6 - Modern Warfare GPD (Not 2)
4156081C - World at War GPD
41560817 - Modern Warfare 2 GPD (Not Cod4)
(If the GPD doesnt open in the GPD Editor's open your Profile in the GPD Editor's)
10) Download These Files you Need Them

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

NOTE: Download Smart Assembly to run the COD 4 GPD Editor!

11) Open a GPD in the Cod4, WaW or Mw2 GPD Editor and add these Codes
unbindall 0;bindall 1;developer 1;developer_script 1; to get GPD's Working Online Once Again
12) Save your GPD/Profile
13) Go back into Modio and open the Resigner box Click which GPD you Modded right click Delete it then inject the new one.
OR just open your profile in the GPD Editor's for a quicker way then just drag your GPD into a good modding program (Horizon/Modio) then rehash and resign your profile.
14)Delete the file in USB EXPLORER in MODIO then Drag and Drop your Modded Version of your profile in.
15) Unplug your USB > Put into your Xbox 360 Console > Dont Sign in > Play the Game you Modded > at where it says Splitscreen - Xbox live > Sign into your Modded Account > Xbox Live > Private Match > Edit the game settings to your liking > Start Game > what ever binds you done press the commands!Very Happy

cod4 binds
bind DPAD_DOWN //DOWN on the DPAD
bind DPAD_UP //UP on the DPAD
bind DPAD_LEFT //LEFT on the DPAD
bind APAD_DOWN //DOWN on the DPAD when Button Layout on Tactical
bind APAD_UP //UP on the DPAD when Button Layout on Tactical
bind APAD_LEFT //LEFT on the DPAD when Button Layout on Tactical
bind APAD_RIGHT //RIGHT on the DPAD when Button Layout on Tactical

Cod4 Dvars!

unbindall 0 // this was what makes the bind patched the original dvar was unbindall 1 so it would unbindall binds you try but if you put it as unbindall 0 it's deactivated Smile.
bindall 1 // Make's all bind's Work
developer 1 //Developer Mode
developer_script 1 //Developer Script
player_sustainAmmo 1 //Unlimited Ammo
onlinegame 1 // Online Game Alwayz
scr_set_rank 55 //Set's everyone's level 55
xblive_privatematch 0 //Private Match's are Online Games
xblive_rankedmatch 0 //Online Match's are Private Games
forceuav_debug 1 // UAV Alwayz On
onlinegameandhost 1 // Alwayz Host online
onlineunrankedgameandhost 1 // Alwayz Host in a Private Match
player_sustainAmmo 1 //Unlimited Ammo
scr_xpscale 2417000 //Level 55
jump_height 999 //Jump High
set aim_autoaim_enabled 1 //Aim bot
set aim_lockon_debug 1 //Aim bot
set aim_lockon_region_height 1000 //Aim Bot
set aim_lockon_region_width 1000 // Aim Bot
g_speed 450 //Game Speed
say Your Text Here // Text comes up on your screen
cg_drawShellshock 0 // Stuns/Flashs dont effect You
player_sprintUnlimited 1 //Unlimited Sprint
party_vetoPercentRequired 0.001 //1 Vote Per Map
cg_fov 90 //Pro Mod
cg_gun_x 4 // Pro Mod
player_meleeRange 999 // Longer Knifing Range
g_gravity 100 // make your player's action more slower
perk_grenadeDeath rpg_mp //Martydom is a RPG
player_bustFireCooldown 0 // No cool down on the M16
cg_enemyNameFadeOut 900000 // Dont Know
cg_ememyNameFadeIn 0 // Dont know
cg_drawThroughWall 1 //Part of Wallhack
cg_drawFPS simple // FPS
cg_drawFPSLabels 1 //FPS
r_znear 35 // Wallhack
scr_game_forceuav 1 //Forces the Game to have a UAV always on
g_compassShowEnemies 1 //Make Unlimited UAV
compassEnemyFootstepEnabled 1 //unlimited UAV
compassRadarUpdateTime 0.001 //Radar updates every 1 second
cg_laserForceOn 1 //Laser beam coming out of your gun
cg_ScoresPing_MaxBars 5 // Connection Bars now have 5 instead of 4
cg_ScoresPing_LowColor 0 0.68 1 1 //Changes the Scoreboard Color
cg_ScoresPing_HighColor 0 0 1 1 //Changes the Scoreboard Color
bg_fallDamageMinHeight 9999 //Impossible to die from falling
cg_fallDamageMinHeight 999 //Cant die from falling
motd Your Text Here // Edit's your Message of the Day
perk_bulletDamage 999 //1 hit kill with Stopping Power
perk_extendedMagsSMGAmmo 999 //Sub-Machine Guns have 999 Ammo
perk_extendedMagsMGAmmo 999 //Machine Guns have 999 Ammo
perk_extendedMagsRifleAmmo 999 //Rifles have 999 Ammo
scr_dm_score_deatht 2516000 //Level 55 in Free-For-All when killing yourself
scr_dm_score_suicide 2516000 //Level 55 in Free-For-All when killing yourself
ui_maxClients 6 // Only 6 People alondin your game
r_specular 2 //Chrome Guns
scr_heli_attract_range 9999 //HeilCopter can shoot you from anywhere
scr_heli_attract_strength 9999 //Heilcopter's Bullet's are powerfull
scr_heli_maxhealth 9999 //Heilcopter Takes 9999 RPG's to take it out
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PostSubject: Re: Online GPD Mod [Tested & Working][Working Dvar's]   Sun Jun 05, 2011 5:33 pm

Hey, Do you host mw2 lobbies or have you finished the TU7 patch? If you have message me back in pm or on XBox Gt is DHG Synnch
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PostSubject: lol i cant a open a mw2 save editor   Tue Aug 30, 2011 11:32 pm

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PostSubject: How do we use smartassembly?   Sun Nov 20, 2011 7:22 pm

How do we use smartassembly to run the Cod4 gpd editor? is there a command-line statement we have to use to run the Cod 4 GPD Editor?
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PostSubject: Re: Online GPD Mod [Tested & Working][Working Dvar's]   

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Online GPD Mod [Tested & Working][Working Dvar's]
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