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 Call of Duty 4: Super Patch

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PostSubject: Call of Duty 4: Super Patch   Wed May 11, 2011 8:33 pm

This Patch Has the Following :
-----------------Main Menu-----------------
------Admin Menu------
Add Bots
Kick All
Toggle Developer Stuff
Freeze All Players
Fast Restart
Toggle Online

------Mod Menu------
Toggle Jump Height
Toggle Infinite Ammo
Toggle Speed
Toggle Gravity
Toggle Sprintspeed
Toggle Tracers
Toggle Motion
Toggle Notarget

------Fun Stuff------
---Killstreak Menu---
Use Killstreak
Give Helicopter
Give Airstrike
Give UAV
---Prestige Menu---
Prestige 9: Level 55
Prestige 10: Level 55
Prestige 11: Level 55
---Vision Menu---
Toggle Chrome
Toggle Cartoon
Toggle Rainbow
Toggle Third Person
Toggle Wallhack
Toggle Promod
---Use Attachment---

RELEASE DATE - 5/10/2011
6:30PM EST/3:30PM PST
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Legend Lobbies
Legend Lobbies

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PostSubject: Re: Call of Duty 4: Super Patch   Thu Jun 16, 2011 11:15 pm

Very nice, but isn't it June already?Razz
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Call of Duty 4: Super Patch
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